Who Is Corn Kid? 7-Year-Old Tariq Becomes TikTok Sensation


Corn Kid, additionally known as Tariq, turned an internet sensation after exhibiting on a YouTube interview current by the similar determine. The current is called Recess Therapy. The youthful boy, who’s simply seven years outdated, has been given the honorary title of “Corn-bassador” for the state of South Dakota.

Tariq made an look in an episode of the online sequence Recess Therapy, which is obtainable by comedian Julian Shapiro-Barnum and takes place in playgrounds and choices interviews with kids. The video exhibiting him consuming corn and expressing his love for maize by stating, “I can’t imagine a more lovely thing – it’s corn!” went viral just about immediately after it was posted on-line.

Tariq’s internet stardom has propelled him to new heights, as seen by his newest look on the current of the actor Drew Barrymore and his appointment as South Dakota’s official “Corn-bassador.”

Who is that this Corn Kid specific individual? The TikTok Phenomenon, Now Seven Years Old

When 7-year-old Tariq talked about his favourite meals on the internet, his video turned so widespread that it was given the determine “Corn Kid.”

When Tariq acknowledged, “Ever since I was taught that corn was real, it tasted nice,” he confused the presenter and the viewers of the current. However, when he acknowledged, “Have a corntastic day!” he thrilled the host, his grandmother, and a whole bunch of hundreds of others world vast.

The distinctive video has acquired higher than 5 million views, and the musical duo Gregory Brothers has created a music titled “It’s Corn” based mostly totally on Tariq’s video that went widespread on the internet.

The money that’s made out of oldsters streaming the music will seemingly be distributed as follows: half will go to the music group, and the alternative half will go to Tariq and his family.

During their journey to South Dakota, Tariq and his family met with Governor Kristi Noem, who subsequently appointed the Corn Kid as South Dakota’s “official Corn-bassador.”

The day of September 3 was designated by Noem as “Official Corn-bassador Tariq Day.” The proclamation went as follows: “South Dakota is one of the top corn growers in the nation, supplying food across the globe but especially to Tariq, a seven-year-old boy who just recently realised that maize was real.”

When Jessica, Tariq’s mother, acquired a letter from her cousins in Europe along with a video of her son, they inquired, “Isn’t this Tariq? “, which is how she found that her son had gone viral.

On September 13, Tariq made an look on The Drew Barrymore Show, a chat current hosted by Drew Barrymore, and the two of them tried corn-flavored meals collectively.
Cameo is a website that allows celebrities to film personalised motion pictures for his or her very personal audiences for a cost. The Corn Kid could be a member of Cameo.

Additionally, with the assistance of his mother, he established a TikTok account, which at current has close to 600,000 followers. Since the determine @CornKid was already in use by one different client, Tariq has chosen to utilize the cope with @KornBoyPOfficial for his TikTok account.

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