Where Is Tony Anthony Hughes Now?


Tony Anthony Hughes born in 1960 was a deaf-mute whom Dahmer had apparently acknowledged for just some years. Communicating by means of writing notes to 1 one other, Hughes grew to develop into yet another sufferer. Drugged and strangled on May twenty fourth, 1991, his physique was nonetheless intact on Dahmer’s mattress room floor when he found his subsequent sufferer.

Victim of mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. Hughes was Dahmer’s twelfth sufferer. Hughes was a deaf-mute who was equipped money to pose nude for $50.00 by written request by Dahmer. Hughes was drugged, strangled, and dismembered. His physique was later put in acid and the skull saved for an ornament.

Where Is Tony Anthony Hughes Now?

Tony Anthony Hughes is ineffective he was murdered by the gay killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Hughes was his 12 victims they used to alter letters for some years.

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Hughes was equipped $50 to pose nude and he was drugged and strangled to dying on the 24 May 1991  in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA.

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