Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Survivor Tracy Edwards Now?


Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ shows how the prolific serial killer terrorized the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991. Although Jeffrey was responsible for killing at least 17 men and boys in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, he was always meticulous with his planning and rarely ventured away from his modus operandi. Moreover, he would lure his victims into his own apartment and used the place to store human remains. However, in July 1991, Jeffrey slipped up when targeting his new victim, Tracy Edwards, eventually leading to the serial killer’s downfall. If you is likely to be intrigued by this case and want to find out the place Tracy Edwards is at present, we’ve now you lined!

Who Is Tracy Edwards?

Jeffrey Dahmer was out searching for victims when he obtained right here all through 32-year-old Tracy Edwards and two of his mates on July 22, 1991. Introducing himself as educated photographer, Jeffrey requested the journey if they could have to accompany him to his residence for a racy photoshoot. As the lads had not seen Jeffrey sooner than, they’ve been pretty apprehensive of his present and have been on the verge of declining when Tracy Edwards gave his consent. Hence, Jeffrey took Tracy as a lot as his residence whereas the others went their separate strategies.

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Upon moving into the residence, Tracy noticed a horrible stench, which immediately put him on extreme alert. Moreover, he even seen bottles of hydrochloric acid lying spherical whereas a blue drum in a single different room was emancipating a foul odor. Still, sooner than Tracy could even get his bearings correct, Jeffrey distracted him and slipped a handcuff on his wrist, claiming that it was a prop for the photoshoot. However, the serial killer’s conduct modified as quickly as he took the meant sufferer to a second room, the place he educated Tracy that he meant to eat his coronary coronary heart. Surprisingly, Tracy not at all misplaced his cool and began formulating a plan to flee whereas assuring Jeffrey of his friendship. Eventually, he obtained Jeffrey to maneuver once more into the first room, and as quickly as a window of other launched itself, Tracy the serial killer inside the face sooner than working out of the doorway door.

Once exterior the residence, Tracy obtained right here all through two cops, who initially refused to think about his story as a result of handcuff on his wrist. However, he happy them to accompany him to Jeffrey’s residence, the place the police found polaroid images of dismembered victims, along with human physique elements, along with a whole human head saved inside a fridge. Although Jeffrey tried his best to battle the officers and escape, he was shortly overpowered and carried away in handcuffs.

Where Is Tracy Edwards Now?

After Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest, Tracy decided to file a case in opposition to the Milwaukee courtroom, as he claimed that they’d failed of their job to protect the people by not taking the sooner research in opposition to Jeffrey considerably. However, the case was lastly dismissed, and Tracy returned to his frequently life. Nevertheless, inside the years that adopted, Tracy found himself in trouble with the regulation quite a lot of situations and was unable to keep away from a path of crime. In actuality, sources level out that he constructed up a protracted authorized historic previous and was arrested for drug possession and theft, amongst totally different offenses.

Although research level out that Tracy has been homeless since 2002, he found himself inside the data as soon as extra in 2011, when he and Timothy Carr pushed a homeless man named Jonny Jordan off a bridge all through an argument. Unfortunately, Jonny drowned to demise, and within the similar yr, Tracy was held answerable for his involvement, which netted him a whole of 1 and a half years in jail. Unfortunately, since then, Tracy has preferred to stay beneath the radar, making his current whereabouts pretty unclear.

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