What The Lord Is Saying To Pastors Whose Ministries Has Been Bedeviled By Bad Online News – Paul Enenche


What The Lord Is Saying To Pastors Whose Ministries Has Been Bedeviled By Bad Online News – Paul Enenche, #Lord #Pastors #Ministries #Bedeviled #Bad #Online News #Paul #Enenche Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the newest breaking info and trending broadcast that we now have for you proper now: :

What Can We Expect In The Season of Revival? was the topic of a sermon by Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre. – The Wind and Fire Revival, Day 2 Morning, Part B, Dunamis International Gospel Center, International Ministers Flaming Fire Conference 2022.

He stated that we now have the draw of the multitude whereas discussing what to anticipate all through a season of revival. The crowd’s attraction Acts 2:6. It’s important to know that the presence of God attracts people, he remarked. You ought to discover the throng wherever the cloud is. Therefore, church progress is made straightforward by revival. The ambiance of revival makes gatherings of evangelists straightforward. In actuality, even while you’re not a pastor, you carry the presence of God in your life, and likewise you’re a magnet for people while you carry the similar environment of revival inside the works of your palms in your job. You appeal to a crowd. pretty important. There is the attraction of the tons.

Then he prayed,” I declare that the wrestle between every church and every ministry proper right here that’s combating a throng of seen people is over with out finish. Every church and ministry that has struggled with development has gained the battle at this particular second. The Lord then speaks to you, saying, “Everyone here whose ministry has been plagued with negative news and bad news, today that news is replaced with great and joyous news.” Shout the loudest Amen while you agree.


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