The Minister confirms the corporate’s N2 billion asset public sale at N13.6 million — Reps.



According to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Public Accounts, Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu confirmed {{that a}} ministry order to the Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority to advertise authorities vegetation, property, and equipment worth over N2 billion was issued in error.

According to an audit enquiry made by the Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation, OORBDA auctioned the belongings for a pittance of N13.618 million. At an investigative listening to by the panel on Monday, the place lawmakers reviewed the minister’s look and presentation to them on Thursday, the chairman of the committee, Oluwole Oke, quoted Adamu as saying he was unaware of the provisions of Section 55 of the Public Procurement Act that vested the power throughout the corporations.

Oke wished to know if the administration of the 4 River Basin Development Authorities that received right here in entrance of the committee auctioned the properties on goal. “Your Minister was here last week and admitted that he literally raped the law,” the chairman remarked. He apologized and outlined that he was unaware of the laws’s existence. How can you merely lease auctioneers and hand over authorities property to them to advertise? “Are the Minister of Water Resources and the Upper Niger Basin Development Authority the same person?” They went to Abeokuta and carried the property of Nigerians, admitting that there are 12 River Basin Development Authorities throughout the nation. We requested the auctioneers how they knew the problems will be auctioned on account of they’ve been present. What is the state of affairs of the business to which you responded? How many auctioneers are there in Nigeria, and why have been merely 4 chosen to conduct the general public sale? Your Abeokuta colleague was rushing to the Ministry’s safety. They went forward with the general public sale even when it was in direction of the laws.


“It was this same law that landed Bode George and his NPA cohorts in jail,” he continued. It is comparable statute that gained Ngilari a sentence in Adamawa, which we wrote collectively in 2003. “Because he is your supervisory ministry, you do not wait for someone to take over your function.” The former Chairman of the Board of the Ogun-Oshun (River Basin Development Authority) claimed he was coming to speak sooner than this parliament about how he tried to stop them by using police and totally different means. Nonetheless, they seized authorities property and purchased it at exorbitant prices.

Last Monday, Adamu mentioned he was not in office when the idea of auctioning the belongings throughout the River Basin Development Authorities was initially dropped on the committee. The declare was, nonetheless, disregarded by the committee.

According to the ministry’s written presentation to the committee, on October 7, 2018, the Permanent Secretary throughout the Ministry of Water Resources established a Board of Survey, which was led by the Director of Human Resources, Abdul-Sule Mohammed, with the mission of inspecting all unserviceable objects listed for disposal by the businesses, amongst totally different points.

According to the report, earlier to the initiation of inspection of the unserviceable objects and in accordance with the Honorable Minister’s course, the RBDAs have been formally recommended to remove from the document of points beforehand advisable for boarding any merchandise(s) thought-about recoverable.

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