Opinion: Verbally Condemning Killings In Nigeria Is Not Enough, More Actions Are Needed


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In Nigeria, it’s becoming a conference to verbally condemn incessant and reckless killings of innocent victims who did utterly nothing to should fulfill their end before their ordained time. But most events, nothing is completed to ensure that justice is delivered to the victims.

Image used to characterize killers.

Social media have flip into the closest completely different the place killings are condemned. Some of the Nigerian influencers, celebrities and politicians are labeled evil within the occasion that they fail to condemn the killings of innocent people.

For this objective, when such points occur, such people would merely go surfing, condemn the killings and stroll away.

Unarguably, most of such incidents are totally condemnable, nonetheless the question is, will verbally condemning such incidents carry justice to the victims? Obviously, it might perform a consolation to the victims’ relations, nonetheless it isn’t going to hold justice to the victims.

The perpetrators of such evils get further strengthened as soon as they uncover that no movement might be taken except for mere verbal condemnation.

Verbally condemning such acts is beneficial, nonetheless it’s not ample to hold justice to the victims, and punishment to the perpetrators.

In my very personal opinion, I imagine that verbally condemning the incessant killings in Nigeria is simply not ample. I think about that further crucial actions are needed to stop further prevalence of such evil acts.


The federal authorities of Nigeria should be decisive when dealing with insecurity. Publicly condemning merchandise of insecurity doesn’t do justice to the reality that the victims deserve justice.

More so, the federal authorities must be further proactive than reactive in relation to insecurity. They must plan ahead and stay away from prepared for such incident to occur sooner than they act. However, in the event that they’re to be reactive, they should accomplish that with all seriousness.

Insecurity can’t be crushed if verbal condemnation is all of the federal authorities and the parents do. The sad half is that the poor tons are these struggling it basically probably the most.

One crucial movement taken in direction of the killers of innocent Nigerians is further worthwhile than one million verbal condemnation. The authorities must embrace an “eye for an eye” mechanism when dealing with ravaging insecurity throughout the nation.

If crucial actions are taken, even with a lot much less verbal condemnation of such evil acts, the perpetrators will examine crucial lessons, and the assumptions that there are people benefiting from insecurity will die off. More so, insecurity is also decreased to the underside diploma.

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