Mum with child who complained of getting to sleep at Changi Airport due to Athens snowstorm referred to as a ‘Karen’, Latest Travel News


Storm in a teacup? It was extra of a snowstorm in Greece, felt all the best way right here in Singapore.

A passenger flying to Athens took to Twitter to complain that she, her companion and their toddler got no choice however to sleep on the ground at Changi Airport after their Scoot flight was cancelled due to heavy snow within the Greek capital.

They couldn’t go away the airport right here due to Covid-19 restrictions. And they had been initially informed that airport lodges had been full.

“Shame on you,” Ms Irene Caselli, who described herself as a journalist masking early childhood, informed Scoot, and its father or mother firm Singapore Airlines, in one in every of her tweets.

In an replace a number of hours later, she stated that they had a lodge room, “after making a big fuss here and calling the Italian embassy”.

It is rarely simple to be stranded at an airport, particularly with a younger youngster, but when this passenger was in search of sympathy, it appeared like there wasn’t a lot of it on supply, on-line not less than.

Most of these commenting on her tweet felt she ought to have recognized higher and lots of felt her behaviour was self-entitled or “going full Karen on everyone” as one put it.

This was one remark: “Why is this Singapore Airline’s fault? She bought a budget airline ticket and expects to be treated like a princess?”

And this was one other: “You decided to fly in the midst of COVID with a kid on budget airlines. You paid for a budget ticket, but demand a full fare service. You should not omit that detail, many reading this won’t know Scoot is a budget airline.”

Comparisons had been made: “Imagine taking a Ryanair or Easyjet flight and expecting them to book a hotel room for you when a flight is cancelled…”

And the comparisons weren’t simply with the airline, with one asking: “Can you imagine if it was other airports?”

Another stated: “I can think of worst (sic) places to sleep than Changi Airport.”

There had been those that felt she was utilizing social media to place strain on the airline.

“Obviously a terrible situation but (it) seemed clear the individual who posted this wanted help by aggressively calling out some businesses.”

Some did sympathise with the girl. But even amongst these, there have been those that argued that she needn’t have pointed fingers or referred to as out the airways as shameful.

“I think you should calm down and take a deep breath before making the situation worse. Most of the negative comments have some truth in it. You might want to think about it.”

And one other stated: “Look, it’s a shame this happened at all. We do pity the plight of the family. But dumping responsibility on someone/something else is very immature and reeks of self-entitlement.”

Scoot stated it had reached out to affected passengers after its TR722 Singapore-Athens-Berlin flight needed to be cancelled on Tuesday (Jan 25) due to unhealthy climate.

And SIA tweeted later: “Hi Irene, we seek your understanding that the airport hotels were fully booked yesterday. We note that @Flyscoot has reached out to you and assisted with booking a hotel room as one has just been made available.”

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