Is Netflix’s Athena Based on a True Story?


Netflix’s ‘Athena‘ is a French-language movie directed by Romain Gavras in regards to the titular council property in Paris. The drama film revolves round three brothers, Abdel, Mokhtar, and Karim, who every reply otherwise to the loss of life of their youngest sibling, Idir. Their ideological points create an intense household drama amidst a civil warfare that unfolds within the Athena property.

The movie explores themes of anarchy, violence, and police brutality by means of the battle between the brothers. Therefore, given the socio-political implications of the narrative, viewers should be questioning if the movie is predicated on true occasions. In that case, right here is all the pieces you must know in regards to the inspiration behind ‘Athena.’

Is Athena a True Story?

No, ‘Athena’ isn’t primarily based totally on an actual story. The film depends on an distinctive script written by Elias Belkeddar, Romain Gavras, and Ladj Ly. The story takes place inside the Athena council property in Paris. The premise follows the battle between Karim, a rebel chief, and Abdel, a adorned soldier, every in quest of options about their brother, Idir’s demise, seemingly by the arms of legislation enforcement officers. The story of the brothers and their quest for justice is fictional and crafted by the writers.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director and co-writer Romain Gavras opened up regarding the conceptualization of the film’s story. “The idea of being inside the sparkle of what could become the first blaze that would spread through a country like a donation. Because I’ve always been influenced from my origins by Greek tragedy — you know, Greek tragedy was like the bedtime stories in my family —we very quickly decided that we needed those formal qualities of storytelling, which is (a) unity of time and unity of location, and (a) lot of hints and symbolic power to the images,” Gavras acknowledged.

In the equivalent interview, Gavras revealed that the titular council property isn’t primarily based totally on an precise suburb in Paris. Instead, the property is a fictional creation, and the title references the film’s Greek tragedy influences and Athena, the Greek goddess of battle and data. The director outlined that whereas crafting the story, they centered on an inciting incident that will ignite your full nation. The related is obvious inside the film by the demise of Idir, a teen who dies in police custody. However, the incident isn’t primarily based totally on any particular real-life case. Instead, the story of Idir’s demise and his brothers’ response attracts unfastened inspiration from various real-life incidents.

To give the story a smart actually really feel, Gavras used the Greek storytelling style immersed inside the family dynamics. “When you look at the Greek civil war, it’s something that men in my family have known — it’s like grandfather against grandfather; cousin against cousin,” Gavras talked about, explaining the film’s family themes. “It’s the worst because it’s within the family. This is why we took the intimacy of a family getting torn apart, where their torment spills across the neighborhood and then across the country,” he talked about.

Ultimately, ‘Athena’ isn’t primarily based totally on an actual story. It is a fictional story impressed by the climate of Greek tragedy and explores ideological variations attributable to civil battle by the theme of family. The movie moreover provides poignant social commentary on modern society and its fragility. The violence and socio-political conflicts inside the fictional Athena council property characterize the numerous factors that the world faces. The seen style and lovely portrayal of fear, anarchy, and oppression make the enthralling story riveting. However, the story stays rooted surely on account of its themes and fascinating family drama, allowing viewers to connect with the subject emotionally.

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