How Did Steven Mark Hicks Die?


Steven Hicks, an 18-year-old hitchhiker headed to a rock stay efficiency, is the first sufferer in Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims’ narrative. Steven was picked up by Dahmer in Ohio. Dahmer, a present highschool graduate, had been fantasizing about raping males for a really very long time by that point. He asserted, nonetheless, that he had no have to murder Hicks.

Though he admitted to having thought-about selecting up a hitchhiker and “controlling” him, Dahmer added, “The first homicide was not planned.” Dahmer made this assertion to Inside Edition in 1993.

Jeffrey Dahmer took Hicks to his mother’s dwelling in Bath Township, Ohio, and really helpful they’ve a drink collectively. Hicks tried to flee, nevertheless Dahmer beat him with a barbell, strangled him, and scale back his corpse into objects.

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The first sufferer of Jeffrey Dahmer was Hicks. Hicks was not Dahmer’s last sufferer, though it will likely be almost ten years sooner than he devoted one different murder.

How Did Steven Mark Hicks Die?

When Hicks tried to flee, Dahmer claimed to have hit him with a barbell, strangled him, after which dismembered his physique.

Later, he dispersed Hicks’s stays all over the place within the yard. Hicks was killed when he was solely 18 years outdated.

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