Fans concerned for Gabbie Hanna as she posts over 100 uncommon TikTok films


Fans are extraordinarily concerned for Gabbie Hanna as she has posted 117 uncommon TikTok videos, plenty of which can be about religion and totally different deep topics, in 24 hours.

The 31-year-old from Pennsylvania rose to prominence on Vine and YouTube and has over 5.2 million followers on her channel The Gabbie Show.

She will also be a singer who launched her first single Out Loud in 2017, adopted by two EPs and a debut album in 2022, nonetheless she’s further not too way back found monumental fame on TikTok.

Gabbie has over seven million followers on there and often posts random films about different completely totally different topics, nonetheless followers assume she’s been performing very uncommon this week.

The social media star has been spamming the app with an excessive amount of odd films and plenty of people are questioning whether or not or not she is alright.

Gabbie posts over 100 films on TikTok

The films started on Tuesday (August 23) when Gabbie posted a clip by way of which she claimed she was going to “save the world”.

She went on to place up tons further films by way of which she spoke about religion, God, the universe, Jesus, the bible, children dying and totally different deep topics.

“What if I was the mother of God? What if I got to bring the good news of the second coming?” she talked about in a single bizarre video.

Another seen her shouting about how she is going to be capable of’t sleep because of there are infants “dying on the street” and all people should “wake up”.

In one video, she confirmed all people how one can pray and see by the use of God’s eyes, whereas totally different chaotic clips seen her dancing and ranting about fairly a number of completely totally different topics.

After quite a few hours, she returned as soon as extra and said: “Good morning everyone. I’m just trying to get everyone to care about he starting babies on the street.”

Other topics she talked about embody being raised as a Catholic, being afraid of ghosts and whether or not or not phrases actually matter.

At one degree, she even claimed she is the angel Gabriel and wrote on the mirror in lipstick: “The greatest love of all time.”

At the time of penning this, the entire films are nonetheless accessible to have a look at on Gabbie’s TikTok profile.

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Fans concerned for Gabbie Hanna

Many followers have been taking to Twitter to particular how nervous they’re about Gabbie following the bizarre TikTok films.

“I am genuinely concerned about Gabbie Hanna right now. Fan or not, she’s clearly not ok,” one particular person wrote.

Another said: “I’m genuinely concerned for Gabbie Hanna like someone needs to check on her.”

A third particular person added: “Has anyone checked on Gabbie Hanna because I’m genuinely worried about her well-being?”

“I think someone needs to go and check on Gabbie Hanna,” said one different.

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Social media star insists she’s top quality

Throughout the flicks, Gabbie repeatedly insisted that she was top quality and wasn’t having a breakdown as followers really helpful.

“I’ve had a lot of friends reach out to me and say Gab I know you’re probably going through a manic episode,” she said.

“Why is everybody on the planet so concerned about the health of the happiest person on the planet. I’m literally dancing and singing like I’ve never had the ability before.”

“I’m in bed, safe, in my beautiful castle with the best of friends and my cleaner is doing my dirty work for me,” she added inside the subsequent video.

“Maybe later I’ll listen to some music. Maybe later I’ll paint. Maybe I’ll draw. Maybe I’ll sit around all day and theorise and think and philosophise.”

“Cry, stretch, do some yoga, drink some water, volunteer, go to church. Are you okay? Because I’m, financially sound, I’m physically healthy,” she continued.

However, quite a few people are nonetheless expressing their concern inside the TikTok suggestions, with many saying her films are “scary” and “sad”.

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